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Conversations Features

With ThinkOwl and the Conversations Editor, you get comprehensive features for designing your digital business processes.
Modular for every use case
Your advantages with fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl
Simple user interface
Modular system for maximum flexibility
Preview of the customer view and live test of the processes
AI-based process automation

The fileee Conversations Editor in ThinkOwl

Use the editor conveniently directly in ThinkOwl. This way you have all Conversations features in one place.

Seamless integration in ThinkOwl

In ThinkOwl, you interact with your conversation templates. In addition to the Conversations Editor, you can use many other ThinkOwl functions. This way you have all Conversations features in one place.
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Create and combine conversation templates easily yourself

In the editor, you can easily create your conversation templates with just a few clicks. You can put together modules from all the features, which you can then integrate into conversations. Even complex forms and processes can be mapped in this way.

Customer view in the Live Preview

In the live preview, you can see directly how your template is received by the customer. This makes it easier for you to think and implement the process from the customer's point of view.

Individualise conversations with your own specifications

The editor offers many options for setting specifications for the features in your conversations. This allows you to customise your conversation templates according to your needs.
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All fileee Conversations features in the overview:

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Use Cases with fileee Conversations

Discover a selection of use cases that have been implemented with fileee Conversations and ThinkOwl and have convinced our customers.

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