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Many more added values

With our features, you have many more options to design your digital processes and to individualise fileee Conversations for yourself
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Many more added values

Get everything for your business from your digital solutions

Easy Onboarding

For example, a fileee Conversations Onboarding Link can be conveniently sent via post, email, QR code or WhatsApp. In addition, secure onboarding in combination with 2-factor authentication via SMS can be set up if required.

Own branding

fileee Conversations offers your company maximum recognition value with your customers. By specifying colours, logo and text, you can customise your conversations with your company design.

All terminals

Maximum flexibility for your customers
In addition to a modern and responsive web application, mobile devices are supported via app (iOS and Android). fileee Conversations also offers the provision of service SDKs. This makes the functionalities of fileee Conversations available outside of the standard fileee app.

Easy Admin

With ThinkOwl, you manage all Conversations features in one place. In addition, you can define roles and rights for your employees and carry out automations (e.g. automatic replies, routing).

Multiple clients

Multiple clients allow your company to communicate with your customers with more than one branding. This allows you to use fileee Conversations in an even more versatile way.

Connection to third party systems

ThinkOwl is your interface to the company. It supports the connection to internal systems for simple, automatic forwarding of all data from fileee Conversations (e.g. from documents and forms).

All fileee Conversations features in the overview:

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Discover a selection of use cases that have been implemented with fileee Conversations and ThinkOwl and have convinced our customers.

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