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Configure your fileee Conversations package

With your ThinkOwl and fileee account you use your individual Conversations package
Conversations Package
Your price depends on the number of conversations you have - the more conversations, the better your conditions. Use the slider to define the number of conversations.
What is a conversation?
What is a conversation?
- 10%
Conversations Package
Conversations UNLIMITED
Individual package for large companies
Monthly price
All Conversation Features
Use of all features included. Pay-per-use features are billed monthly.
one-off € 14,900
Live in Five
one-off € 4,900
Basic Accounts
free of charge
free of charge
Start 30 days trial now
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All Conversations Features
All Conversations features are included in your package. Go to the feature page
The listed features incur additional monthly costs depending on their use.
Send, receive, save documents
per month, each additional document 0.02
Create intelligent forms
per month, each additional form 0.02
Pay-per-use features
Secure Onboarding
SMS Notifications
per SMS
Legally secure identification procedure
per identified user
Legally binding signature
per signature
Book our service packages directly for a quick onboarding.
Live in Five €4,900
We help you get started with your use case in fileee Conversations and ThinkOwl through training in 5 days.
Consulting+ 14.900€
Extended service - setup and training included. We invest extra time for you and take care of the initial configuration, for example.
Further services on request
Contact us with your service or feature requests.

Try fileee Conversations and ThinkOwl 30 days for free!

Start your free trial at fileee Conversations and easily link ThinkOwl to your fileee account.

Your accounts for the digitalisation of the customer journey!

fileee and ThinkOwl offer other functions in addition to Conversations in the paid plans.
Your fileee account
With your fileee free account you get the Conversations Editor and get to know the other fileee functions.
Import all documents digitally to one place and connect multiple channels
Ki-based analysis, full text search and smart tags enable easy document management
Share your documents quickly and easily in fileee shared spaces
Information on all fileee accounts
Your Thinkowl Account
With the free Silver Account from ThinkOwl, you can test the Conversations Editor and other ThinkOwl functions.
Experience comprehensive, ki-based service desk functions for your customer support
Manage your Conversations Templates and send Conversations to customers
Automate processes with the BPMN engine and integrate your systems via ThinkOwl
Information on all ThinkOwl accounts
You get free accounts first in the standard. From this page, you first get a fileee account and can then connect ThinkOwl. You can find more details about the accounts and their prices in the helpdesk.

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CEO & founder fileee
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Rolf Esau
CEO ThinkOwl Europe

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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

What is a conversation?

A conversation is a conversation with your client. In this conversation, you can communicate with this customer as often as you like. You can include as many features as you like in your conversation. We provide inclusive quotas for the features documents and forms. If you include additional documents and forms or pay-per-use features (signature, identification, secure onbording) in the conversation, additional costs will be incurred depending on the usage.

What can fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl be used for?

fileee Conversations offer you over 18 features to digitise your business processes. With the Conversations Editor, you get an application that works like a content management system and allows you to easily design the customer interface. Want to learn more about the Editor? Visit the Helpdesk

The combination of features allows you to map use cases such as a digital mailbox for receiving documents for your customers or a digital travel expense report for employees. But more complex use cases such as the design of a digital construction financing assistant can also be implemented. Identification and signature features allow you to map holistic and legally compliant processes. With fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl, there are no limits to your digitisation projects.

Are individual features also developed?

fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl is a standardised software-as-a-service solution whose range of functions is continuously being developed. Are you missing a feature? Contact us and we will find a suitable solution: conversations@fileee.com

Can I cancel an annual subscription before it expires?

No. An annual subscription is always valid for one year and can only be terminated at the end of the term subject to the period of notice.

What happens if I invite more clients to Conversations than my plan allows?

As part of your Conversations package, you pay for a maximum number of conversations. If this is exceeded, you will automatically be upgraded to the next higher tariff.

How are fileee Conversations and ThinkOwl connected?

With the Conversations Editor, fileee Conversations offers a simple tool for digitising your customer and employee interfaces using the created fileee Conversations Templates.

ThinkOwl enables your employees to interact with customers or other employees via fileee Conversations and to easily manage the created Conversation Templates. You can easily link the Conversations Editor in ThinkOwl and then use the Editor in ThinkOwl. In addition to using the Conversations Editor, ThinkOwl offers other comprehensive functionalities as an artificial intelligence (AI)-based service desk for customer support.

ThinkOwl and fileee Conversations complement each other perfectly and offer your company holistic digitalisation from a single source.

Why do I need two accounts?

The Conversations Editor is perfectly embedded in ThinkOwl. However, a contract with fileee GmbH as developer and support provider for the Conversations area is still necessary at the moment. A fileee account is therefore your access to the fileee Conversations Editor and to fileee Conversations customer support. The ThinkOwl account is required to use all features of Conversations. Both accounts can use the same email and are linked. It does not matter whether you first create a fileee account or a ThinkOwl account. In both applications you can link your accounts accordingly.

How do I create both accounts?

At the top of the fileee Conversations page you have the option to register for a free trial period. Simply click on "Register now for free" and you will be guided step by step through the registration process. After registration, you will be taken to the overview of your Conversations Editor. There you can link ThinkOwl and test both products for 30 days free of charge. Afterwards, it is best to start with the first steps described in our Helpdesk.

If you already have a ThinkOwl account, you can also link the fileee account you created in ThinkOwl.

How much does fileee Conversations cost?

Our pricing models are based on the number of conversations you want to have with your customers. You can create your individual package using the slider on our pricing page. The price includes inclusive quotas for the features "Send and receive documents" and "Send forms" (you receive one document and two forms per active customer to be able to conduct a basic communication). Furthermore, you will be charged monthly for pay-per-use features if you embed these features in your conversation (secure onbording, identification and signature). Thus, your calculated monthly price may vary.

Larger companies with a customer potential of more than 240,000k customers/year are addressed with the fileee Conversations UNLIMITED. The UNLIMITED plan offers attractive volume discounts as well as the possibility to customise services. Contact us to receive an individual offer for this area.

How are fileee Conversations and fileee connected?

fileee is the application your customers interact with. Via the fileee app or web application, your end customers can interact with companies as well as organise private documents. With the fileee app, end customers can, for example, digitise documents (using mobile capture), whose data is then recognised by an AI and classified accordingly for the user. In this way, users save time and have all important documents in one place. In addition to the added value in the private sphere, the customer can interact with companies that have connected their digital services to the platform. This allows the customer to connect directly with multiple companies through a familiar and useful application. This results in high usage rates as well as increased satisfaction. More about fileee Consumer

How can I contact the fileee Conversations team?

For questions about fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl, explore our helpdesk or contact us via email: conversations@fileee.com

How can I cancel fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl?

You can terminate fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl at any time at the end of the term subject to the notice period and delete your account. If you have any questions, please visit the helpdesk or contact us via email: conversations@fileee.com

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