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Digital, simple, everywhere. Increase employee satisfaction with contemporary
HR service solutions.
The mobile solution for all HR services
Offer your employees a digital service platform - from the application process and onboarding, to ePayslip, travel expense reporting, and ad-hoc processes such as employee certifications.

Why mobile HR services?

It's time for 0% paper in your company. A digital solution also helps to increase process efficiency and satisfaction in employee communication.
Rely on satisfied employees
Retain your top talent by avoiding lengthy processes. A digital HR service platform, for example for fast onboarding, efficient handling of processes, etc., increases the productivity and satisfaction of your employees.

Application documents by e-mail Ping Pong?

Do you receive applications and interact with applicants via email? Make an excellent first impression on applicants with digital solutions.

Onboarding with lots of paperwork?

Do your new employees first have to fill out countless documents? And you have to send them to them in multiple copies? Please don't!

Salary statement by letter?

Sending the payslip by letter is not only very expensive, but also not in keeping with the times. Moreover, there is indeed also the risk of incorrect delivery.

Travel expense reports on the PC?

Do your employees collect receipts and type all data into old systems at the end of the trip? Do receipts even have to be submitted / scanned in paper form? Such processes are real time wasters and reduce productivity.
in the first year
Employee satisfaction

Digital transformation

In times of digitalisation, internal processes should also be digitalised. A company's own digital transformation and conversion to agile methods can have a strong positive influence on employee satisfaction and productivity.

For the employee - One simple platform for all HR services

Start the digital transformation of your HR department with a process such as a travel expense report and expand your platform agilely -based on your experience. Thanks to our modular system, you can map all HR processes - from initial contact and onboarding, to an ePayslip, to ad-hoc processes such as certificates for employees.

Job for HR Department

ThinkOwl provides an artificial intelligence-based workplace for your HR department. Your employees can initiate processes, share documents and ask questions at any time via the mobile application. In this way, you manage your employees' concerns efficiently and offer them a fast and digital service.

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Discover your possibilities

Start the digital transformation of your company with HR services for your employees.

Simple applicant management

Many applications are still sent by e-mail despite the online portal. Often, documents are missing in both cases. Further communication with applicants is usually very time-consuming for the HR department. With ThinkOwl, we have the solution for simple applicant management and applicant communication via chat.

Simple application process

As a counterpart to ThinkOwl, your applicants receive the triggered conversations in the fileee app or web application. With checklists as well as the direct option for queries, you leave a successful first impression on your applicants.

Onboarding new employees

Welcome new employees digitally and simplify their start in your company. Deliver contract documents mobile and create onboarding checklists. Make welcome documents available and enable queries via chat. Optimise your employer branding.


Send payslips securely and digitally. In a digital mailbox, you can easily make not only these, but also other documents available to your employees.

Travel expense report

With a mobile app, checklists and short forms, complex HR processes become child's play. For example, travel expense claims can be processed conveniently online. Receipts are simply scanned directly with the smartphone and submitted. You and your employees always have an overview.

Simple personnel management

With the mobile HR service platform, your HR department has a direct line to the employees, so that queries, for example, can be clarified quickly at any time. In addition, the HR department receives extensive support in personnel management based on artificial intelligence.

Successfully used by many companies

Through the ePostbox, we put our customer at the centre and inspire them with a digital solution. The project is a great success and has been worthwhile for us in more ways than one. We have learned a lot together and look forward to further cooperation in digitalisation with fileee Conversations.
Sebastian Marski, Head of Department
Sales Technology Digitalisation
VGH Insurance
With fileee Conversations, DEVK has implemented an app for the sales partner. With the app DEAS Mobile Scan, the sales partner can easily and securely provide documents for automatic processing in the inventory systems. The app was very well received by the sales team and is currently being expanded to include further functionalities. In the future, end customers can also be integrated into the process of document provision by the sales partner with their own end devices.
Tilo Franzen, Head of Department
Strategic Sales and Process Management
DEVK Insurances
With fileee Conversation and ThinkOwl, we have realised the Digital Construction Financing Assistant for our customers. This digitally maps the personal and transparent financing process in the real estate loan sector for private customers. Customers can organise their financing quickly and easily and provide all relevant documents online. The assistant was implemented in an agile manner by an interdisciplinary team. In addition to the added value of the assistant for our customers, this project has sustainably supported the digital transformation of Degussa Bank.
Kristina Luft,
Head of Real Estate Lending Private Clients
Degussa Bank AG
Swiss Post Solution is a global full-service provider in the field of digital and physical document management. fileee Conversations integrates perfectly with our existing solutions. For example, we configure mobile HR apps for our customers' employees.
Michael Spieß,
Head of Client Management /
Board Member
Swiss Post Solution
fileee is an assistance app that is consistently conceived from the customer's point of view and is well adapted due to its high utility value. fileee Conversations offers us a successful "end-to-end digitalisation" in daily communication with customers and partners. We avoid media discontinuities, shorten processes and make our service fit for the future.
Daniel Kolvenbach,
Board member
SIGNAL IDUNA Building Society Ltd.

The advantages of fileee Conversations

Start quickly and expand flexibly

In just 5 days you can build a prototype and test it directly with customers. Building on this, you will realise a pilot project in a few weeks and expand it iteratively.

Safety - Made in Germany

We work with the latest encryption standards on German servers of reputable providers, which are subject to the ISO27001 guideline. All data remains the property of our customers and is processed in compliance with the DSGVO.

For more sustainability

One tree provides an average of ~ 82,000 pages of recycled paper. With ThinkOwl and fileee, you can communicate paperlessly with customers and employees. This way you save paper and protect the environment.

Strong partners for implementation

Together with our strong implementation partners, we offer you the best possible advice and integration. We identify use cases in your company, help with implementation and conduct user workshops.

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