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Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation

With ThinkOwl and fileee Conversations, you can automate processes and thus relieve your employees and increase productivity.
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AI & Automation

Employee relief through efficient, automatic processes

Document analysis with AI

In addition to text recognition for documents, fileee Conversations also offers artificial intelligence (AI)-based classification. Following the classification, relevant information is extracted from documents, which can then be checked and directly filed correctly.

Intelligent forms

By dovetailing with Mobile Capture and AI-based document analysis, forms for customers can be pre-filled with information from scanned documents. This means that customers have even less effort when filling out long forms.

BPMN engine

Your tool for automation
With the BPMN engine, you design individualised, automated processes and avoid manual effort. Whether reminders, notifications, forms or other processes, use BPMN for process improvement.

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