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Sending documents and forms to and receiving them from customers digitally, quickly and securely - no problem with fileee Conversations
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Paperless communication with your customers and employees


The digital inbox allows you to send letters and documents paperlessly - either as a one-off (secure email) or in the form of a digital mailbox. Recipients simply retrieve the documents via the fileee app or browser.


With Outbox, your customers and employees can send documents, completed forms or proofs directly to your company digitally. A quality check during upload leads to complete information. In combination with features such as mobile capture and checklists, simple and transparent query processes are created for your customers.

Mobile Capture

Mobile Capture turns smartphone photos of documents into high-quality scans. Automatic document and lighting detection, an automatic image trigger and a cropping algorithm facilitate scanning.


Mobile-optimised, intelligent and simple
With mobile, intelligent forms you design holistic digital processes and inspire your customers. With freely definable input rules, automatic reminders, validation options and digital signatures, you achieve maximum efficiency and satisfaction.

All fileee Conversations features in the overview:

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