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Create Space
Create a space in your app or on the desktop under fileeeSpaces and name it appropriately for the occasion, for example tax return, household or travel expenses.
Invite people
Invite family members, friends, colleagues or your tax advisor to access the Space together. You can assign read and write permissions. Permissions can be revoked at any time.
communicate with each other
Chat and share documents
You can use the chat function to talk to the participants of a space, exchange documents and distribute tasks. Edited documents are synchronised among all participants at all times.

Share and manage documents together

With fileeeSpaces you can invite third parties, whether family, friends, colleagues or your tax advisor, to a shared space. Here you can share documents with each other and revoke these shares at any time. You can also decide whether participants are allowed to edit documents or only have read access.
If you correct the title or meta information of a document, this will also be visible to the Space participants. And if one of your participants marks an invoice as paid, for example, this also appears directly in your account.
With the chat function, you can talk to the participants of a Space and distribute tasks. If someone has uploaded a new document to a shared Space or sent a new message, you will be informed by push message.
fileeeSpaces in use

How and where you can work with fileeeSpaces

For the important paperwork

For your tax return

With fileee you can digitise all your documents and upload them from connected services. This way you have all relevant documents in one place. In fileeeSpaces you can then simply create a group for you and your tax advisor. There you share all relevant documents with him. Your tax advisor can then look through them and easily comment on them or note which documents are still missing.
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For you and your colleagues

In the company

In the central fileee account, the documents are collected, viewed and then released in various fileeeSpaces for the relevant employees. They share the documents and consult each other conveniently via the chat function. In this way, all employees have access to the relevant documents while they remain stored in a central location at the same time.
fileee teams for SMEs
Relief in everyday life

In your flat share

Tom lives in a shared flat with two flatmates, Miriam and Alex. The annual electricity bill is due again and comes to Tom by post. Tom scans the bill, archives it and shares it with the WG group on fileee. Miriam and Alex see the amount they have to pay and write in the group that they have transferred the money. Tom marks the bill as paid and everyone knows.

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