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Set up a team account and add members
fileee Teams is set up and managed via an admin account. Here you add new members to your team and assign appropriate shares and rights according to their activities, such as full access, read-only or scan access. Of course, you can add new members or remove existing ones at any time.
Share Spaces
and manage them
Create spaces for different tasks or activities. Spaces such as "Invoices" can be used by different departments, while you can restrict access to "Employment contracts" to the HR department only.
You can also share Spaces with external partners or clients.
Access and edit documents together
All approved users have access to the documents in a space and can work with them simultaneously. This way, you can digitally map existing workflows in fileee. Whether in the office, on the road or in the home office, everyone has access at all times and is informed about new documents or changes.

Get all the benefits of fileee Business right!

Whether you are self-employed, a small business, an association or a medium-sized company - with fileee Business you can bring order to your everyday office life. fileee is more than just a DMS. Not only can you scan, import, share and collaborate on different documents, but you can also map the business processes within your company - from accounting to HR to contract management - completely digitally in fileee.
fileeeSpaces in use

How and where you can make the most of fileee teams

Manage documents together in fileee

Build your team in fileee

Create your team easily and digitally in fileee. Individual permissions and shares give each member a customized view of all shared Spaces and documents that are relevant to that member.
The admin account can manage users and permissions. Other members in the team can view the documents shared with them, edit them together with others and create and share new Spaces. Users with read-only rights can also be added to individual Spaces.
In this way, fileee Teams can be configured individually for each use case.
Work completely digitally - everything in one place

Digital Office with fileee

With fileee, you can collaborate with your team completely paperless. Set up Spaces for individual departments or task areas and assign individual access rights. This way, each member has access to exactly the information and documents they need.
Through Spaces, all members can access and edit team documents simultaneously and without media breaks, and exchange information with other team members via the chat function.
All advantages can also be extended to third parties. Documents can be shared digitally. In this way, external partners, such as project partners or the tax advisor, also have direct and uncomplicated access to the documents they need.
Whether in the office, on the road or in the home office, with fileee everyone always has the documents they need at hand.
Exchange and edit documents securely and digitally

Communicate with customers in company branding

Share documents with customers and business partners easily and professionally with fileee. By adding your logo and company colors, you can use fileee with your company branding. The advantage: You save the customer portal and create short communication channels to the customer. Questions can be clarified directly and easily via chat.
Joint editing of documents is also possible via fileee Teams. This way, partners and customers are directly integrated into the team structure. Compared to the use of e-mail or cloud services, with fileee all documents are securely encrypted and stored in German data centers.
Digital and transparent workflows without any paper at all

Map business processes digitally in fileee

With fileee, business processes can be digitized completely paperless for the entire team. Via fileee Teams, all people involved have access to documents and information they need.
All documents are imported into fileee digitally or via the scan function. These documents can be shared for editing in Spaces or directly with other users.
Reminders can be used to assign documents to other users for editing. Team communication is possible via the integrated chat function. In addition, documents can be sorted with tags and assigned to editing steps. Further information can be added via the task function.
For further processing, documents can be exported to other services such as DATEV or lexoffice or shared with third parties, such as the tax consultant, for viewing. Complete digitization makes processes much faster and less complicated. The exchange and archiving of paper documents is no longer necessary.
Take advantage of fileee Teams

fileee Teams is ideal for ...

Small and medium-sized enterprises
- end-to-end digital and transparent workflows without paper - secure and compliant with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO)
- all documents easily available to all employees in the home office
- company-branded communication with customers and partners

Self-employed persons and tradespeople
- completely digital and secure management of all invoices and documents
- access to all documents at all times, even when on the move
- secure storage and easy sharing, e.g. with customers, tax consultants or suppliers. e.g. with customers, tax advisors or suppliers

- completely digital association work that saves time
- individual and easy to manage access rights
- manage and store sensitive data of members DSGVO compliant.

And many others who already use fileee like: Consultants, doctors, craftsmen, brokers, service providers, engineering firms, restaurants, health care providers, insurance and financial service providers, ...

Secure fileee teams with our business rates now!

Your paperless office - simple and with the best design
Documents always at hand for the right people
One solution for all processes around documents
Any questions?

Here are a few answers. You can find a complete FAQ in our Help Centre.

Why do I need the Teams feature? Isn't fileee Spaces enough?
Unlike fileee Spaces, fileee Teams allows you to work on documents and tag documents together with other team members. In addition, the owner of the uploaded documents is the team and not, as in fileee Spaces, the person who uploaded the document. In addition, thanks to fileee Teams, it is possible to scan or store documents together in a fileeeBox.
We would like to use the Teams feature privately as a family, is that possible?
In principle, yes. However, we recommend waiting a little longer, as our additional family plan will go live later this year. This will offer similar functionalities, individually tailored to the needs of a family.
How many users can I add to fileee teams?
You can add unlimited users to fileee teams who can view documents. For users who can edit documents (Member, Admin) you pay 9,99 €/month. In the PREMIUM plan you can add up to five editors, for PROFESSIONAL users the limit is 25 editor roles, while ENTERPRISE has no limit. You can find more details about our business plans here.
What types of users are there and what rights do they have?
There are four different user types, each with different permissions in the team:

Owner: Are the owners of the team and manage the fileee Business subscription. All users and activities of the team are billed via this account. The owner has access to all spaces and documents.

Admin: In addition to the member rights, this user can also manage the team, add new members and assign rights.

Member: These users can create Spaces, invite users to Spaces and edit and view documents within the Spaces.

Viewer: These users can be invited to Spaces and view documents in a Space. However, they cannot edit documents or create their own Space.

Note: Viewers are not counted against the user quota of the team account.
What other setting options do I have for user rights in fileee Teams?
1) You can share scanning permission with a viewer in fileee Teams. This way, a viewer can scan documents directly into a Space, e.g. via the fileeeBox, but has no access to the documents contained therein.

2) You can generally give users the right to see the new documents in fileee, e.g. to order them.

3) You can give users the right to see all spaces and documents and to join all spaces.

All other rights to see documents are controlled by assigning users to fileee Spaces.
Do I also have to pay for Viewer members?
No, team members with "Viewer" status, i.e. read-only access, can be added to the team for free to view documents and Spaces. Additionally, the right to add documents in the Space can be granted.
How many documents can I upload with fileee Teams?
The number of documents you can manage with fileee Teams is not limited. However, the number of documents you can add per month is limited depending on the tariff. You can find more information about this in the account settings or in the pricing overview.
Can I also book fileee teams individually?
No, fileee Teams is an integral part of our business tariffs. With these tariffs, you can make optimal use of fileee Teams thanks to a high quota of monthly documents and many other features.
Will fileee Teams be expanded to include other functions in the future?
Of course, we are already working on many more features that will make fileee Teams more comprehensive and better over the course of the year. As a user of fileee Teams you will get these features automatically and without additional costs. If you have any wishes or ideas for further features, we would be happy to receive an email to
Are my documents in fileee Teams as secure as in my normal fileee account?
Your documents are encrypted in fileee Teams just as securely as in a regular fileee account. Due to our double hybrid encryption of your documents, only you or authorized team members have access to the documents. As the owner of the business account, you are also the owner of all documents uploaded by team members and can view all of them.
For even more security, you can additionally secure the access to the account with a two-factor authentication (2FA). Your data is subject to German data protection laws. You can find more information about security here.
fileee in action

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