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How does fileee document analysis work?

Recognition of the document type
The artificial intelligence automatically recognises the document type of your scan and names the document accordingly. Currently, our AI can distinguish between 10 document types.
Automatic generation of metadata
Depending on the recognised document type, our AI then extracts various information from the document, e.g. the amount of an invoice or deadlines.
Our AI learns
The more documents you upload, the more intelligent our AI becomes and can recognise content even better in the future. It is also important that you submit incorrectly recognised documents or information for analysis improvement.

Be A Hero - Help us improve analysis

Our artificial intelligence is capable of learning. With every document uploaded, it recognises your documents better and assigns them to your existing senders and tags more quickly. In order for our AI to learn, we depend on your help. If the AI does not recognise a date, the sender or other information, send in the document in question. Our fileee employees will then take your document and show the AI which information it should recognise in the future. In this way, the AI learns for the next document. As a thank you, we give you a bonus document in addition to your monthly upload volume for every document submitted.
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What are the benefits of document analysis?

Saves time and nerves

During archiving

One of the most important points in the processing of documents is the correct archiving in order to find documents easily and quickly afterwards. The AI recognises both the type of document and the meta-information it contains, such as sender, date or transaction numbers. Based on this information, the document is automatically recognised and assigned. This, together with OCR, makes it easier to find the desired document in seconds in the second step.
Find again immediately

Quick search function

The search of fileee supports full text search (OCR), as well as the search for any meta information such as senders, invoice numbers, but also tags. The cloud-based search is highly performant and can filter out the document matching the search query across all shared documents in less than 10 ms. Our hybrid encryption also guarantees the highest security standard during this process.
More than just an archive

Preparation for further processes

By automatically recognising document types and meta information, fileee makes it extremely easy for you to carry out the resulting tasks and processes. In future, for example, you will be able to directly transfer the recognised invoice amount or digitally sign your new contract. This will save you even more valuable time in everyday life.
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