Performance specification

1. introduction

With fileee, documents can be intelligently organised and archived. You can also communicate directly, easily and securely with participating companies within fileee. fileee is a cloud-based software that can be accessed via various end devices. To use fileee, users accept the fileee GTC (for private customers for business customers
In the following, the services of fileee for intelligent document organisation and as a communication platform are defined depending on the mode of use.

2. general services

The services of fileee result from this service description and the selected fileee plan for private customers( or business customers(
A large part of the services is also clearly documented at Further information on the services can be found in our knowledge database at

3. system requirements

All user data and documents are stored on a computer centre of a German provider commissioned by fileee. The provision and transfer of the required Internet access, the connections to the Internet as well as the required technical equipment such as computers and browsers or mobile end devices is not carried out by fileee GmbH. Access to the data and documents takes place exclusively in encrypted form for both the web application and the mobile end devices.

3.1 Web application

The web application is compatible with most current browsers. A detailed list of compatible browsers is provided in the help centre.
fileee can only guarantee the full range of functions when using the browsers listed there. Javascript and cookies must be activated in order to use all functionalities.

3.2 Mobile terminals

In addition to the web application, fileee provides the user with an Android and an iOS application for mobile devices. The mobile applications represent - as far as technically possible - the entire scope of services of the fileee system described above and enable mobile working with the system. In addition, the camera of a mobile device (if technically available) can be used to scan a document and then save it in fileee. The necessary system requirements and compatibilities of the iOS and Android app are listed in the Help Centre.

3.3 Supported formats and file sizes

The following file formats can be processed in fileee:
  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
For documents with a font size of 10 or larger, a resolution of at least 300 dpi is required; for font sizes of 9 and smaller, a resolution of at least 400 dpi is required.
Files larger than 25MB cannot be processed by fileee. For documents with more than 50 pages, fileee shows and analyses only the first 50 pages. However, the original document is saved in fileee with all pages and can be downloaded if required.

3.4 fileeeBox

The fileeeBox is a physical product that can be purchased additionally and is an extension of the fileee service. Information about the fileeeBox can be found at A list of currently compatible devices is provided in the Help Centre.

4. support

4.1 E-mail

In case of questions and problems, the user can contact As a rule, written enquiries are answered within a maximum of 24 hours on weekdays. We also send automated confirmations of receipt within 15 minutes.
For all questions about the product itself, the user can contact fileee customer support directly. This includes, among other things, questions and concerns about the following topics:
  • General questions about fileee functions and use
  • Regular tariffs Premium/Professional
  • Security/data protection
  • iOS/Android/Web App
  • fileeeBox
  • Import documents into fileee
  • Text recognition and text analysis
  • Search function
  • Document management
  • Linking email accounts and cloud storage spaces
  • fileee email address
  • Document release
  • Address book and company view
  • Encryption
  • Storage and upload volume
  • Export of documents and backups
  • Analysis improvement and bonus documents
  • Supported formats and file sizes
  • System requirements
If customers contact fileee Support with questions about the communication platform that relate to the content of the partner's service, fileee Support will refer them to the partner's support. This includes, but is not limited to, the following concerns:
  • Questions about the content of documents sent via fileee Conversations (e.g. insurance statement)
  • Questions about the processing status (e.g. "what is the status of my financing")
  • Questions about the partner's products (tariffs, conditions, etc)

4.2 Help centre

fileee provides the user with a help centre in German and English, where detailed instructions, hints, FAQs and tips on how to use fileee can be found.

4.3 In-App Support

There is another help section in the settings of the app.
  • Under Submit support request, the user can contact fileee support.
  • Under Send log s, the user can send logs to fileee to fix errors.
  • The Help Centre item directs the user to fileee's general knowledge database with articles on help and tips and tricks for using fileee.

4.4 Social media

The fileee support can also be reached via the following social media channels:
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