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Our Story

We tell our story -
from the foundation until today
- The founders Arne, Eike, Johannes and Marius got the idea for fileee in a business plan seminar at the WWU Münster. The revolutionary start-up idea from back then is still the core of fileee today
- fileee takes part in the ERCIS Launchpad, an ideas competition for start-ups, and wins 1st place
- At the beginning of 2011, fileee receives funding from an EXIST grant and moves into office space in the Technologiehof
- fileee is represented at CeBIT 2011as part of the ERCIS Competence Center
- In July of the year, fileee GmbH is officially founded
- fileee expands and moves into new offices on the Leonardo Campus of the WWU
- The first Coding Challenge is held with over 20 participants. The winner subsequently becomes one of fileee's first employees.
- Another Coding Challenge with over 25 participants
- fileee continues to grow and moves to larger offices at Berliner Platz directly in Münster's city centre
- The public beta phase of the fileee apps starts
- We are awarded the 2b AHEAD Future Award for the "Most Innovative Business Model".
- A very important milestone: fileee enters into a strategic partnership with ITyX Solutions AG from Cologne
- fileee shoots its first advertising spot
- More than 10,000 satisfied users digitise their paperwork with fileee
- fileee continues to grow - more than 10 employees now work at fileee-
The apps are completely revised and shine in a new design
- The fileeeBox is introduced - the project is initially in the test phase and is successfully brought to market maturity with the help of feedback
- fileee moves to a new data centre and improves data protection and security
- fileee continues to grow and moves to its current offices in Windthorststraße - right in the heart of Münster
- The fileeeBox can be ordered and is delivered to the first customers.
- fileee Premium is launched and fileee receives a new, modern design
- The fileee team now consists of 15 employees
- fileee receives the Insurance IT Innovation Award from the Universities of St. Gallen and Leipzig
- A new feature is launched with fileeeSpaces
- WEB.DE and GMX become new cooperation partners of fileee
- The digital construction financing assistant of SIGNAL IDUNA Bauspar AG and fileee launches
- Bookkeeping made easy, fileee launches link with lexoffice to simplify bookkeeping
- The improved fileeeBox 2.0 is available for pre-order-
Digital Minister Dorothee Bär presents fileee with the "We do Digital" award from the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce
- fileee receives funding from the Open Integration Hub.
- The 10,000 fileeeBox was sold
-Another big milestone: fileee reaches 100,000 registered users
- fileee is accepted into Deutsche Telekom's Techboost Programme and receives a grant of 100,000 euros
- The e-post boxes of VGH, ÖVB der ÖSA and Öffentliche Oldenburg based on fileee are launched
- More than 20 employees now work in the fileee team
- fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl revolutionises customer communication for companies - completely digital and based on artificial intelligence
- fileee continues to grow rapidly: over 25 employees work at our location in Germany, plus a further 10 employees at our location in India
- With over 18 partners, we are expanding fileee with further functions and offering you exciting offers for fileee Premium and the fileeeBox. Degussa Bank and DEVK will become new fileee partners in 2020
- fileee moves to Open Telekom Cloud - improved performance and security for all users

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DSGVO Compliant
Developed and hosted in Germany
© 2023 fileee. All Rights Reserved.