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Our updates in January: New functions in the contact list

Jan 31, 2022

What's new in fileee? We have equipped the "Contacts" area with many new functions. For example, it is now possible to merge contacts, have multiple custom addresses or even change the contact type. In the web app, we have given the settings a clearer design and added a simpler process to digitally empty or delete fileeeBoxes. We explain how all this works and what else is new in this article.

New functions in the contact list

With the new functions Merge and Delete in the contact list, we enable a clearer picture of the contacts in fileee. If a company has several addresses of its own, these can be easily assigned as branches or subsidiaries. In fileee, there are now higher-level contacts and addresses. By merging contacts, one contact retains the status of the contact. The other contacts are subordinated to it as addresses. We explain how this works in our help centre under Merge contacts.

This function is also helpful in the event of a change of residence or multiple residences. This way, all previous addresses can be assigned to one contact.

Now you can easily merge or delete contacts in fileee.

New designs in the web app

We have made the account settings in the web app clearer. We now use tabs throughout to quickly switch between multiple settings. Business accounts working with fileee teams now see their personal messages separately from the messages in their team. In the settings, you can switch between account and statistics, under "My profile" between profile and security and under "Settings" between settings for the app and documents. In the account, the overview of the quota has changed in particular. Here you can see all the parameters for the remaining quota at a glance:

Statistics at a glance: All information about your document quota in fileee.

The tabs were introduced mainly for a better overview and differentiation of the areas. Especially in the settings, it became difficult to see certain information or to find it in general. We were also able to expand the individual areas a little further (see statistics) and thus have more optimisation options in the future.

New process for digital fileeeBoxes

We have further adapted the view in the fileeeBox menu to the design of the other menu items and improved the flow for emptying or deleting a fileeeBox. As before, a fileeeBox can be deleted or emptied from the system. For both processes, it is now possible to delete the documents contained in the fileeeBox or only to cut the connection to the fileeeBox. We have explained exactly what these two actions look like in the Help Centre: Empty fileeeBox - Delete fileeeBox

Emptying your fileeeBox is simple and straightforward. Once you have emptied your fileeeBox, you can reuse it again.

Innovations in the mobile apps

The mobile apps are being adapted step by step to the design of the web app. This currently concerns the document library, news and fileee Spaces. In the document library, the view of the documents has been revised. Now the different display styles of the document view in fileee are also available for iOS and Android, just as they are in the web app.

In addition, we guide you better through the setup with new fileeeBox tours in the app. For this purpose, we have added video tutorials in which co-founder Eike shows how to set up the fileeeBox or the scan attachment and how to use the NFC function. You can find these videos in the fileeeBox menu in the app. Under "Add a Box" you can buy a new fileeeBox, activate a fileeeBox or watch one of the Turtorials. In each video tutorial we give hints and summaries of the respective step. In addition, each step can also be repeated.

In the new video tutorials we show how to set up a fileeeBox or a fileeeBox set.

How do you like the new update? Take a look at the new features directly in fileee. We look forward to your feedback.

The next update is already in the starting blocks. We are currently working on a much requested feature: Multiedit. We will publish the other innovations and features you can look forward to this year here in our magazine. Stay tuned!

Jasmin Sudermann-Schaad

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