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New cooperation partner: Dropscans digital mailbox now with direct fileee connection

Jun 12, 2018

From now on your mailbox will remain empty!

Three years ago we already put Dropscan through its paces in a blog article. Back then, we were already excited about the idea of having your mailbox digitised and receiving mail directly as a PDF. Now the time has finally come: Dropscan and fileee are starting their first cooperation! From now on, you can transfer your digitised mail from Dropscan directly and completely automatically to fileee.

What is Dropscan?

Dropscan is your digital mailbox. As a Dropscan customer, you receive a personal Dropscan mailbox (scanbox) to which you can send your letter post. You can decide whether you want to enter the Dropscan address directly, set up a forwarding order with the post office or send your letters personally to the service. After receiving your mail, Dropscan first scans the envelope and uploads it as a PDF to your account. You can then choose whether the letter should be opened and scanned, forwarded to you or destroyed.

Dropscan Inbox


With the Pay as you go variant of Dropscan, you can digitise your letterbox for as little as €12.90 per month. The first five letters are free of charge. If you receive more letters per month, you will be charged €1.50 per letter. Alternatively, the service also offers flat rates for larger monthly volumes. Dropscan also offers various rates for business use.

The new fileee integration

If you choose to have Dropscan scan your daily mail, it will be uploaded as a PDF file to your Dropscan account. This is where fileee comes in. Thanks to the new fileee integration, documents can now be imported directly into your fileee account. You can choose to do this individually or automatically for all documents. The documents then land in your inbox as usual.

Link Dropscan with fileee

You have to set up the fileee integration via your Dropscan account. To do this, open your account settings and then click on Integrations in the left tab. Now click on Set up under fileee and enter your account data.

Here you can also choose whether the content of a programme is to be transmitted as one PDF file or each document as an individual PDF file.

If you have any questions or technical problems, please contact our support team by email at

The advantages for Dropscan users

If you are already a Dropscan customer but not yet a fileee customer, the cooperation offers you some advantages. With Dropscan, you have an excellent opportunity to have your daily mail digitised. With fileee, you can then manage your documents securely and completely digitally. Using an automatic analysis, fileee automatically finds important information about the documents for you. All documents are stored intelligently and are searchable via full text search. Thanks to automatic reminders, you will never miss a payment or cancellation deadline again. In addition, you can easily share documents digitally with your family or your tax advisor. fileee is the perfect companion for all your paperwork.

You can either create a free fileee account via the web app or download the free fileee app for and.

--> to the webapp

--> Download Mobile App

The advantages for fileee users

But fileee users also benefit from working with Dropscan. Scanning documents is annoying and no one really enjoys it. Dropscan takes over this work for you so that you only receive digital documents. The service should be especially helpful for all of you who are on the road a lot or who don't want to miss important letters even on holiday.


Through our cooperation with Dropscan, we are one step closer to our goal of paperless document management. Dropscan digitises your mailbox, fileee your filing cabinet! You save time and nerves and can concentrate on the important things in life!

Tobias Emmerich

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