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New cooperation partner: Degussa Bank is now at fileee

Mar 27, 2020

With fileee you now have even more access to your digital documents. Our new partner Degussa Bank makes it possible. As a complete financing assistant for your home, the service is now available to all users and makes your life easier with your paperwork, from application to payment.

The digital construction financing assistant from Degussa Bank

With Degussa Bank's digital construction financing assistant , financing your own home can now be handled digitally with ease. The mobile assistant gives you direct access to your financing status, allows you to upload all the necessary documents directly and even carry out payments independently via self-service. Thanks to the direct contact with Degussa Bank in the fileee app, you are always up-to-date on the financing of your home.

Construction Financing Assistant Degussa Bank fileee

How to use Degussa Bank's digital mortgage assistant

First, you have to submit a financing request to Degussa Bank. Afterwards, you will receive an invitation to use the app by email from a Degussa Bank employee. After activation, you can start your financing project and contact Degussa Bank directly.

Only you have access

The same applies to Degussa Bank as to all our services: Only you as a user have access to the respective service. Via e-mail or push message, you will be informed directly when new documents have been received or information is still required from you and can then manage them immediately. You start with a new fileee account via the respective partner or use your existing fileee account. You have complete control over your documents. What you delete will also be permanently deleted by fileee and not stored any further.

One app for everything

With fileee you have access to all your digital documents. New services and integrations are constantly being added to offer you an all-round solution for your paperwork. With fileee, in addition to using Degussa Bank's digital construction financing assistant, you can also get in touch with other companies, whether as an e-mailbox solution, digital assistant or customer portal of the respective company. We are very pleased that Degussa Bank is now a cooperation partner of fileee. You can find further cooperations in our Partner section.

Do you have questions or a technical problem? Feel free to contact our support:

Jasmin Sudermann-Schaad

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