New year at fileee
New year at fileee
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The new business tariffs from fileee are now available

Jun 18, 2021

With the new business tariffs from fileee, working in a team is now even easier. This is mainly due to the new fileee Teams feature. fileee Teams is included as a feature in all business tariffs from fileee PREMIUM. As of today, the new business tariffs of fileee are available with which you can create a better networked working environment in your company, association or even in your self-employment. The past year has shown us that flexible working models work and can even increase the productivity of teams. Arne Schönbohm, head of the Federal Office for Information Security, also summarises in the current BSI study on the home office situation in companies: "Home office has come to stay". With fileee, you promote flexibility and asynchronous working in your team.

In this article we show

Network the team and keep them up to date

For the first time, fileee Teams allows multiple users to access, edit and manage documents simultaneously. With the simple team management, you can now add members of your team to fileee Teams and fileee Spaces. This way, you can inform your colleagues about the latest status of a work process. Thanks to digital, paperless working, all documents are easily available to all team members, even in the home office or on the road. For example, invoices or receipts for travel expenses can be scanned directly on the road. This way, no receipt is lost. With the usual features of fileee, important markers such as sender or invoice amounts are directly recognised and automatically sorted by sender. With fileee Teams, exactly those team members can now continue to work with the stored documents who are responsible for the accounting and everything for the processing of travel expense accounting is already together in seconds. Put your team together now. Thanks to the individual and easy-to-manage access rights, documents can be released to exactly those members who need them. This is how you activate fileee teams for yourself.

Add new team members easily.

Feedback without a meeting

Set up a separate Space for each department or project. You can now release the respective Spaces for your team members with different read and write rights. Each team member has access to exactly those Spaces and documents that are needed individually.

In fileee teams you can see exactly which rights and roles the individual team members have.

With fileee Teams, documents can be specifically assigned to team members. The chat function in fileee allows you to ask your team for feedback on a document directly without a meeting and get help easily. All work processes take place digitally in one place.

Collaborate more quickly with external parties and partners

You can easily and securely share important documents with third parties such as customers, tax advisors or suppliers directly via fileee. If an external project partner needs certain data, such as a contract or an invoice, you can easily grant access to the required documents with fileee.

Fast forwarding of relevant documents with just one click.

fileee Teams now makes it possible to work directly with external parties. Simply invite your tax advisor as a team member. Share your tax forms or invoices directly. Your documents can be downloaded without any detours, your tax advisor can also edit them and, for example, assign tags and thus has the possibility to ask questions more quickly.

Safe work

The current BSI study points out that working in a home office poses challenges for companies, especially in terms of IT security. There is an attack surface for cyber attacks, as systems in the home office and connections between employees and the company are partly not protected. The tariffs in fileee Business offer you and your company secure protection against cyber attacks. All digital processes are securely managed and stored in the cloud in compliance with the DSGVO. This means that even sensitive documents such as employment contracts are stored securely. Internally, you can also ensure that content is only released in a targeted manner in order to share sensitive data only with authorised employees. Everyone else has no access. With fileee Teams, you can define the roles, whether shared editing or sharing in read-only mode. We have explained how to optimally use roles and rights in fileee Teams in the Helpdesk .

Find the right fileee business tariff

The different business tariffs of fileee make it possible to meet the specific requirements for your own project. We recommend the business version of fileee PREMIUM for self-employed people as well as companies and associations with a team of up to 10 employees and a moderate volume of documents. Your team is larger? Then fileee PROFESSIONAL is the right choice. The quota of documents is just as large here with 2,000 documents per month and in fileee teams, 5 team members are directly available for MEMBER. fileee ENTERPRISE has been developed for companies with more than 50 employees. Additional team members can be booked at any time. In this way, you can adapt your business tariff exactly to your wishes and use fileee in the way you need it for your business. Take a look at fileee for companies, associations or self-employed people.

With fileee Business: Find exactly the tariff you need for your business. You can find detailed information in our Business Pricing.

At the beginning, we will also help you to get the most out of your business account. For this purpose, you can book a personal onboarding as an add-on to your business tariff. In an individual onboarding, we will help you set up fileee for your company and generally offer support for all questions about fileee and the new features. If you already use fileee purely for business purposes, you can now switch your account to one of the business tariffs in the web app under "Settings". A current subscription to fileee PREMIUM or fileee PROFESSIONAL will be offset against the new tariff. You can also wait until your subscription expires. If you have not upgraded by then, your account will automatically be set to FREE, as we will not continue the old tariffs of fileee PREMIUM and fileee PROFESSIONAL in the business version. If you have a fileee account for private use, nothing will change.You are new to fileee? Here you can register with a new account and select the account type "Business Account" directly when creating your account. In the web app, you can then choose one of the business tariffs under "Settings".

Get started now with fileee Teams and create better networking in your team. Get a 10% discount on the new business rates from fileee now. Do you have any questions about our new business rates or fileee teams? Then you can also reach us at

Jasmin Sudermann-Schaad

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