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Our updates in April: Pay bills more easily with fileee Pay!

Apr 14, 2022

What's new with fileee? fileee Pay! Paying invoices directly from fileee is now possible with the new fileee Pay function. In addition, individual documents can be added to the monthly quota and there are other innovations and improvements in the documents.

New feature: fileee Pay

With fileee Pay, it is now possible to pay invoices digitally from fileee. This makes invoice management even easier! fileee Pay is secure, easy to use and completely digital. When an invoice is paid via fileee Pay, the document can even be automatically marked as paid. You will be redirected via a payment code link or QR code to complete your transfer securely and quickly. We have summarised exactly how fileee Pay works for you under fileee Pay in the Help Centre. Whether for private individuals or business users: fileee Pay is available in all tariffs from fileee PREMIUM.

Innovations for documents

We recently introduced Multi-Edit: Our February updates: Multi-Edit is here. We now have a practical addition for this feature: In fileee, several documents can now be compared directly with each other. In a table view, all important information is now arranged at a glance. From this view, further actions can be started in fileee. For multiple editing, it is of course very practical to see all metadata of these documents at the same time. For you, this means even more overview in fileee and shorter ways. The article on Multi-Edit can also be found in our Help Centre.

If the number of documents suddenly increases or demand rises, it is now possible to buy individual documents in fileee. If the monthly quota is no longer sufficient, you can buy additional documents directly in the app. We have explained how the process works in the help centre. Unlike the number of documents in the monthly quota, the purchased extra documents do not expire.

The new space ID for the import

One of the most important functions of fileee is the import. How do documents get to fileee? How can documents be imported? In order to manage documents easily, there are a variety of import options in fileee: the manual upload of documents, the fileee Scan, Scan2Mail or even the import via cloud services. In this update, we have improved the functionalities of the my.fileee mail address, which can also be used in conjunction with Scan2Mail. Using this function, you can tag documents directly, assign them to a box and now also assign them directly to a fileee Space. The Space ID is used for this purpose. This can be found in the URL of the respective Space and can now also be easily copied in the Space settings. This way, all documents arrive exactly where they are supposed to go:

How do you like the new update? Take a look at the new features directly in fileee. We look forward to your feedback.

The next update is already in the starting blocks. We will publish the other innovations and features you can look forward to here in our magazine. Stay tuned!

Jasmin Sudermann-Schaad

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