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Our Updates in February: Multi-Edit is here

Feb 28, 2022

What's new with fileee? Editing multiple documents at the same time is now possible with the new PREMIUM feature "Multi-Edit". Building on the last update in January, we have given messages in fileee and fileee Spaces a new interface and enabled additional functions for "Contacts". We explain how this all works and what else is new in this article.

New feature: Multi-Edit

With Multi-Edit, the metadata of several documents can now be edited simultaneously. If there are several documents that are to be given the same tag, they no longer have to be edited individually. We have summarised exactly how the process works in our help centre under Multi-Edit . Multi-Edit is available from fileee PREMIUM .

Edit multiple documents simultaneously in fileee with the new Multi-Edit feature

For this feature, we have moved other direct actions for documents to the top of a bar. This means that actions such as "Archive", "Share" or "Download" can now be found above the documents. When editing individual documents, the focus is on the sidebar. This is where the information is changed, i.e. where people type and click. In the document list, this focus swings to the left side. The selection of individual documents takes place mainly in the centre and in the left-hand area of the screen. The sidebar functions here mostly as a pure source of information.

To shorten the distances with the mouse, we have therefore moved the actions to the top left. In this way, no large arm movements have to be made in order to select actions. Only when a specific action is selected, such as "Edit metadata" in Mutli-Edit, do we move back to the sidebar. The focus then shifts again.

We have also found that pure icon buttons are not very self-explanatory and mouse-over texts are not accessible to all users. Especially when it comes to touch devices. The combination of icon and text also helps to get a better overview of all possible actions at a glance.

New interface for news and fileee Spaces

In the last update, we introduced tabs in the web app to provide more clarity and better differentiation of the areas. This was also the case for the "News" and "fileee Spaces" areas. As there are many different types of content in these two areas, such as tasks, task replies, text messages, documents and other media, we have now introduced a left-sided design.

Quickly and easily all information at a glance: News and fileee Spaces in the new design

We have made these changes to ensure that the clarity and scalability of messages with multiple participants is maintained in the future and as the feature set grows. In addition, this view is easier to understand and simpler for desktop use.

More functions for contacts

In fileee, contacts and addresses have recently become superordinate. With the new Merge function, a contact retains the status of a contact, while the other contacts become addresses subordinate to it. Read more about this in our last update: Our updates in January: New functions in the contact list
We have now implemented that an address can easily be converted into a contact and thus no longer belongs to a contact as a subordinate, but becomes its own contact. We explain how this works in our help centre under Convert address to contact.

How do you like the new update? Take a look at the new features directly in fileee. We look forward to your feedback.

The next update is already in the starting blocks. We will publish the other innovations and features you can look forward to this year here in our magazine. Stay tuned!

Jasmin Sudermann-Schaad

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