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Our updates in June: The new search

Jun 12, 2022

What's new with fileee? The search function and the recycle bin! From now on, the search function in fileee works much more individually and intuitively. We have greatly developed the search in fileee in the web app and adapted filter options. In addition, we have now implemented a recycle bin so that documents can be easily restored and accidental deletion is no longer possible.

New search function

We have fundamentally adapted the fileee search function. It has become visually slimmer, but at the same time offers more customisation options. With this update, a very specific search can now take place, even without entering a search term. This way, you can search for exactly what you really need. The filters are all individually customisable and can be easily selected and deselected.

The new search in fileee: Larger filter selection and more individually customisable.

We have already renewed the search in fileee in 2020: Our updates in December: Improvement of the search and new business accounts - fileee. Now we have fundamentally changed the behaviour. For all filters (except for the date, because every document has a date in fileee), you can now set whether the value is present or not. For example, with tags: you can filter documents according to a certain tag combination, exclude the entered tags, that at least one of the tags should appear or only display documents without tags. This opens up new possibilities for structuring documents with tags and then finding them again more easily.

The search in the web app: Filter individually by tags in fileee.

One of the new features is that you can now also filter by automatic expiry date. You want to find out whether certain documents have not yet been set an expiry date by you? That is now possible. You can use the filter to display all documents that do not have an expiry date. For documents with an expiry date, you can also select a time period.

Our help centre describes in detail how the search works and which filter settings are available: The search in fileee.

Since the search in fileee is a central point, we wanted to make the search even more individual. As a user, you have different requirements and approaches to finding documents. We have now been able to map these with the new search.

New menu item: Recycle bin in fileee

The fileee menu has been expanded by one item in the web app: the recycle bin can now be found under Tags. We have responded to your feedback and introduced the fileee recycle bin. Documents are no longer permanently deleted immediately. They are initially stored in the recycle bin for 90 days and can be restored from there or deleted directly. This means that no more important documents are lost - no more "accidental" deletions.

The recycle bin in fileee: Delete documents permanently or restore them within 90 days.

How do you like the new update? Take a look at the new features directly in fileee. We look forward to your feedback.

The next update is already in the starting blocks. We are already working on other exciting innovations such as a history and audit-proof storage for business accounts. Stay tuned!

Jasmin Sudermann-Schaad

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