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The little success story of the fileeeBox

Dec 4, 2018

For the order launch of the new fileeeBox 2.0, we would like to look back at the development of the last few years.

Prototypes and crowdfunding

It is now more than three years since we presented the first final prototypes of the fileeeBox. Back then, in March 2015, we were at CeBIT in Hanover and simply wanted to present our idea to the eyes of the trade public and gauge the general interest. And that was great. So much so that we decided to put our prototype into production. You can see how a prototype becomes a finished product in our small series of pictures on Facebook.

In order to finance the project and not take any risks, we started our own crowdfunding campaign. Within 6 weeks, we wanted to receive 2000 orders for the fileeeBox set. You could vote with your pre-order whether the fileeeBox would be available or not. After 6 weeks, it was clear: the fileeeBox was coming, thanks to you!

A small setback

Inspired by the positive result of the campaign and the never-ending demand, we clarified the final details with the manufacturer at the time. And we were actually confident that we would be able to meet the expected delivery date in summer 2016.

But then came the big bang: the manufacturer had filed for insolvency shortly before the start of production. Now we were left with 2,000 customers who were eagerly waiting for their fileeeBox and had to look for a new manufacturer as quickly as possible. Fortunately, we had contacted several potential producers in advance, so we found a replacement in a relatively short time. By the end of 2016, we had finally made it - a turbulent year had come to an end, we had learned a lot and all orders had been shipped.

More than 10,000 sold

In the meantime, the fileeeBox has become an integral part of the fileee product range alongside our apps. Because even two years later, the dilemma of digital document management remains: As long as there are documents in paper form, there is also a need for archiving the originals. For many who are sceptical about digital management for this reason, the fileeeBox solves this dilemma.

This is also reflected in our sales figures. Within the last two years we have sold more than 10,000 sets and boxes. More than once, our warehouse was sold out because the manufacturer could no longer keep up with its production capacities.

fileeeBox 2.0

Three years after the first prototype, we sat down again, analysed everything and improved the fileeeBox with the help of your feedback. This mainly concerns the quality of the material, the incorporation of the magnets and the reliability of the electronics. We also thought about the packaging and decided on small design changes. But don't worry, your old boxes and your old attachment are still compatible with the new box or the new attachment.

If you order by 17 December, you will receive the new fileeeBox and the set at a special price:


Here are the improvements in detail:

Quality of the material:

The fileeeBox and especially the attachment have been upgraded again with regard to the product material. The cardboard used is stronger and the surface more resistant to ensure a corresponding longevity.

fileeeBox 2.0 Material


All magnets are now completely embedded in the material of the box and the attachment.

fileeeBox 2.0 Magnets


We have paid special attention to quality assurance in the new production and have installed higher-quality components to guarantee the reliability of the electronics.

fileeeBox 2.0 LEDs


The new box is delivered folded and thus saves a lot of space. If you have bought a box in stock, you can now store it even more easily. The smaller packaging size also allows us to have more boxes in stock, so we won't have any more supply bottlenecks.

fileeeBox 2.0 Packaging

To celebrate the new improved fileeeBox, we are currently running a competition on Facebook. In addition to the new fileeeBox sets and fileee Premium, you also have the chance to win a Netflix annual subscription.

Tobias Emmerich

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