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New year, new luck - tips & tricks for more order

Jan 16, 2020

New Year's resolutions - We hear it everywhere and the amazing thing is, we almost all have the same thing in mind: "Be more productive and organised!", "Have more time for the important things in life!", "Get rid of the paperwork." Here are our ultimate tips and tricks to help you have a motivated, organised and liberated 2020. This is your motivation boost, so to speak, to finally tackle your paperwork now:

Trick 1: Inbox Zero - the basic framework

Every beginning is difficult. First you need a basic framework. Steffen, responsible for business development at fileee, counters all paperwork with "Inbox Zero". His tip for you: "Regardless of whether it's emails (private and work), Slack or even messengers: Everything that can't be done immediately (> 2min work) becomes a to-do. Really important things are scheduled directly (today, tomorrow, this week). Everything else slips into the backlog or is archived (e.g. to read articles, websites, etc. at some later date or to easily find them again)." Super tools that are suitable for private use as well as for everyday work have already been summarised for you in another blog post . fileee approved!

Trick 2: Planning is half the battle - not

Our credo is to have time for the important things in life. So that you don't lose too much time because of all the paperwork and tasks, our team recommends devoting yourself to these unpleasant matters in small doses. Our founder and CTO Arne makes a rough daily plan every morning, CEO and also founder Marius prefers to make a thorough weekly plan every Sunday or Monday. Our Steffen, on the other hand, blocks out 15 minutes every day for housekeeping: transferring invoices, reading emails, etc. Either way: Take a short(!) amount of time regularly to get an overview, plan or take care of little things so that the mountain is not so big in the end.

Trick 3: Delegate - use the power of technology

It doesn't just sound simple, it is. Regardless of whether you are Team "Smartphone" or Team "Browser" - fileee allows you to register easily and free of charge. Simply enter your e-mail address and create an account in just a few steps. With the 1000 free starting documents, you have taken care of the big mountain straight away and can now look forward to the rest of the year with confidence. From now on, you simply digitise all the documents that reach you. You'll never have to sort through folders again, spend hours looking for documents and despair over your paperwork.

PS: With fileee Premium you get 2000 start documents at the beginning and 4000 directly with the Professional subscription.

Trick 17: Tagging - The diamond among the features

While you are digitising your paperwork, you have the possibility to categorise your documents. You can save them as an invoice, a contract, a bank statement, a receipt or just as information. If your document also falls into a special area, tagging will help you. For example, if you tag all tax documents with the term "Tax 2020", you can find all documents in one go using the full-text search. For founder and CPO Eike, "Categorising and tagging is the be-all and end-all." He avoids tags like "invoice" or "contract" because there are separate document types for them. This keeps the system lean.

Trick 5: The search function - search faster, find faster

We asked our team and we all find most documents easiest via full text search. For special categories, Marius also uses tags like "Tax2019", "Tax2020", "Travel expenses", for example. In addition, he also uses a shared space with his family. At work, Arne also uses a shared space with team members. If you have important documents, don't throw them away or leave them on your desk. Put them in your fileeeBox and enter it in the app. The app will then tell you where you have filed them and prevent you from spending hours looking for them.

Trick 6: One place for everything - connect what belongs together

To ensure that you really have everything in one place, we recommend directly linking all services where you have a high volume of documents. These include email accounts and services such as Dropscan, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Invoicefetcher, Lexoffice, OneDrive, box, beeline solutions or WebDAV. More services will be added soon. Do you have a wish? Feel free to tell us about your must-have integration: Once integrated, your documents will be imported automatically.

Trick 7: You can do it with fileee

Now that you have registered, you can put an end to your paper chaos. Scan all documents via the app and sort them digitally on your smartphone or in the browser. Our support team is always there to help you should any problems arise. There is no number, but here is our e-mail address for help:

Whether just in the process:

"I have only been using fileee for a short time. I was looking for an app to archive my and my family's papers into a compact and secure app. As we have a lot of papers and have just moved house, I now have the opportunity to use their app properly. I would be very happy to have found the right app for this after a long time. The first impression has already convinced me."

- from the fileee annual survey 2019

or already a long-established user:

"I've been using fileee for a long time and think you're great!"  

- from the fileee annual survey 2019

We are happy that you are part of it. So let's get to work! The resolutions from 2019 that we made in 2018 because they didn't work out in 2017... let's throw them overboard and tackle what's really important now. We keep our fingers crossed and walk the path with you!

Do you still want to win a fileeeBox set or one year of fileee Premium for free? Then take part in our annual survey 2019. You can still take part and tell us what you think until 26.01.2020. The survey is now closed. Thank you for your opinion!

Good luck! You can do it!


Jasmin Sudermann-Schaad

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