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How do I use fileee optimally with my tax advisor?

Jun 30, 2023

Did you know that you can use fileee with your tax office to export documents digitally with just a few clicks? But even in fileee, there are many roads that lead to Rome: You decide how to set up fileee to support you in your tax return and to facilitate the collaboration with your tax advisor. In this blog post, you will learn what you need to consider and what is important.

If you already manage your documents digitally, you save a lot of time. You can save even more time by bypassing the analog document exchange with your tax office and simply sharing relevant documents with your tax advisor directly in fileee. Even though fileee is not a classic tax software, the fileee DMS can still support you with your tax return and simplify the cooperation with your tax advisor.

What you should pay attention to when working with your tax firm

In order to set up fileee in the best way to prepare your tax, you should answer a few questions.

  • How involved should your tax advisor be in your document management?
  • Which software does your tax office use? Is my tax advisor already familiar with fileee?
  • How digital is my tax firm set up? Are analog originals still needed? Or does my tax consultant work completely digitally?

If your tax office needs the paper originals, a separate fileeeBox is a good idea. There you can collect all tax-relevant originals without having to file them, which you can then hand over to your tax advisor. You can access the digital documents in your fileee account at any time.

By thinking about these questions in advance, you avoid duplication of work and can save some of the expensive expert time of your tax advisor. Because if you manage your documents with a logic tailored to you and your tax advisor, your tax office does not have to organize the documents again according to its own system.

Share documents only in fileee Spaces

The best way to share documents via fileee is through fileee Spaces. You can invite any person to a Space - with or without an existing fileee account. Then all people can share, view and download documents in the Space. For example, you can create one or more Spaces with all tax-related documents of a calendar year and share them with your tax office. Your tax office can then view and download all documents via a legally secure, encrypted channel. In addition, each fileee Space also has a chat, so that queries can be conveniently clarified directly in fileee and all information can be exchanged more securely than via e-mail.

For fileee Business customers, we go one step further. Tax filing is much more time-consuming for business owners, and seamless and well-organized exchange with the tax office is all the more crucial. Documents shared via fileee Spaces can be viewed and downloaded by the tax accountant, but the accountant cannot edit any information on the document nor see the tags, for example. Thus, if you structure your documents in fileee according to a good logic and your:e tax advisor:in then sorts the documents again independently, duplicate work can be unnecessarily expensive.

New control software interfaces: Export your documents directly digitally

Despite advancing digitization, the transmission of analog receipts and documents to the tax office is still widespread. A digital exchange can save a lot of time here - far more than the time spent carrying analog paper documents back and forth.

The easiest way to share your documents with your tax advisor is to use the new export function to accounting software directly in fileee. Using the new interfaces to DATEV, Agenda or lexoffice, you can easily export relevant documents to your tax office. The digital transmission of tax-relevant documents to your tax office replaces the analog document transmission and renewed digitization or entry on the part of the tax office. With the new features, this is now even easier, because the document types such as "incoming invoice" can be automatically assigned to documents via assignment rules. In addition, you can ensure audit-proof storage at the same time with just one click. With the multiple export function in PROFESSIONAL and higher, you can export multiple documents to an accounting software at the same time, and thanks to document type matching, the document types stored in fileee are also transferred at the same time. The multi-client capability also allows you to link several accounting accounts and thus, for example, manage documents of economically independent companies (e.g. individual branches) in one fileee account.

The number of interfaces from fileee to common tax software is constantly being expanded. Currently, DATEV, Agenda and lexoffice are available; Sevdesk will follow in June 2023, others in the course of the year.

With the new interfaces, you theoretically do not need to invite your tax advisor to fileee, but this still has many advantages, such as clarifying queries in the chat and in fileee Business with an active team, there are additional opportunities to make it even easier for your tax advisor to work with your documents.

Your tax consultant as a team member in fileee

In fileee Business Accounts PREMIUM and higher, you can create a team and your tax advisor can become a permanent team member in your fileee account. The advantage: Your team members can view your structure (such as tags) in fileee, edit documents and you can assign tasks to team members. This way, your tax office can work directly with you in your fileee structure and, for example, also search documents in fileee with relevant filters and thus work quickly and easily with your documents. As a team member, your tax consultant can also add keywords or edit documents. The fileeeBox can also be shared within the team.

If your tax consultant is part of your team, your tax office can of course also export documents independently to a tax interface such as DATEV, Agenda or lexoffice.

fileee Tip: If your tax advisor has more than one client with fileee, it may be that the email address is already taken because your tax advisor is already a member of another team. You can easily work around this by using a plus sign in the email address:

Your tax advisor as a viewer in fileee

If you give your tax consultant only viewing rights in the team, he can view all documents shared with him. Your tax office can also view your tags, but they cannot add or change tags or edit documents themselves. Also the export to a tax software cannot be done by a tax consultant with viewing rights. So you would either have to export the documents yourself or your tax advisor downloads the documents and uploads them to the software again. The advantage over sharing only in a Space without team access is that you can see all relevant metadata on the document and thus search and filter documents in fileee according to all metadata.

It is important to note that the sharing of tax-relevant documents in Spaces is also necessary in the team, as the assignment of rights is regulated via the Spaces. Team members only see the documents in fileee that are located in Spaces to which they have been granted access.

fileee is your all-in-one solution

Whether it's tax-relevant receipts or other important documents, with fileee you have all your documents in one place. This makes working with your tax advisor much easier, as all documents can be stored digitally and securely in fileee and exported with just a few clicks. But you can also communicate with your tax advisor in fileee - no more email ping-pong with attached zip files. Instead, you can use notes or tasks, tags or spaces to send important information to your tax office.

How involved your tax consultant should be, you can decide flexibly and depending on your personnel resources. For example, your tax consultant could initially set up a structure in fileee as a team member, but then only have viewing rights if you maintain the documents yourself in this structure.

Added value for you, your company and your tax advisor

The solution you choose with your tax firm depends on your individual workflows and requirements. With fileee, you have the necessary flexibility to adapt your accounting processes to scarce personnel resources. You manage your documents in only one place, no matter if tax-relevant receipts, personnel files or contracts - searching is no longer necessary, nor is the commuting folder or the unsafe zip file as an e-mail attachment to your tax office. Your tax advisor works with you digitally with the documents and with the new tax interface features, the export to software such as lexoffice, Agenda or DATEV goes with a few clicks.

Kerstin Eiwen

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