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Our updates in May - Mobile Edition: New design and image enhancement

May 5, 2022

What's new with fileee? The complete mobile app! We have adapted the design of the mobile apps for Android and iOS. This results in significant improvements in the use and navigation of the app. We have also implemented a new algorithm for image enhancement after scanning.

New design in the mobile apps

We have now aligned fileee on all three platforms with this update. The web app and fileee for iOS and Android now all have the same design. We already optimised the design for the web app at the beginning of the year and are now following suit with the mobile apps:

The new interface also results in a completely new navigation in the mobile apps for iOS and Android. The toolbar for menu navigation has moved to the bottom and all settings from the web app are now also available in the mobile apps. In addition, all actions available in fileee can now be accessed directly via the dashboard, making it easier to work with fileee overall.

The new user interface for the first level menu items is the biggest highlight in this update for our iOS and Android developers: "The new and modern UI and UX for this menu ensure that users can now access screens and individual actions much more easily. In fact, smart actions have been added here to help users easily add a new section or tag."

This is the first update in which the iOS and Android teams have worked so closely together. This was a process of several months to match the ambition and logic of the new design. "The design underwent several revisions to ensure that the logic and behaviour was the same on both platforms. There was a lot of communication between the developers and the design team to achieve this," said both our team leads from our iOS and Android teams.

→ Update the app for iOS or Android directly and discover all the innovations.

Many areas of the mobile apps are still being worked on after this first major update and will also be updated. Next, you can look forward to the new document view , which is already available in the web app. This is expected to appear in the mobile apps in June.

New image enhancement in fileee

We are constantly improving the scanning in fileee and can now follow up on last year's work, in which we were able to present the new camera in fileee . fileee offers more functions than a pure scanner app. Nevertheless, digitising and thus scanning original documents with the smartphone is still one of the most important functions of fileee.

Our co-founder Eike went straight back to work and improved the algorithm that is responsible for making the scans in fileee easy to read. Eike compared various scanner apps with the new fileee image enhancement. What bothered us most about our own image enhancement was the incorrect enhancement of colour logos. These areas were sometimes brightened so much that it no longer corresponded to the original. In the tests, we therefore not only compared with competitors, but also with the original documents and with the results of our old image enhancement.

"To be able to hold your own so well against a large international group makes you quite proud of the end product." - Eike Thies

With the new image enhancement, colour pages are now relatively enhanced and compressed in fileee. In addition, unwanted shadows and artefacts are better reduced to completely removed, as are creases. Compared to competitors and our previous version, we now perform much better here. The overall image of the document is much clearer and easier to read with the new image enhancement. This is especially advantageous for text recognition: compared to before, we achieve a 38% better recognition rate of the texts and data in the document.

"I was surprised myself how well our new algorithm works compared to the popular industry giants, such as Adobe, and that we often get much better results here. Of course, there are still cases where the result can be better, but that is often simply because there is not one algorithm that handles all cases equally well. When comparing different apps, I therefore recommend that everyone compare not just one, but several scans and their results - if possible in different light situations, angles and different documents," says Eike.

Want to see the difference for yourself? We have created a comparison page for you where you can compare different enhancements for several documents: The fileee image enhancement.

How do you like the new update? Take a look at the new features directly in fileee. We look forward to your feedback.

The next update is already in the starting blocks. We are already working on further exciting innovations such as the simple switching between two fileee accounts. Stay tuned!

Jasmin Sudermann-Schaad

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