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Mar 31, 2020

After months of work and many initial success stories at well-known companies, fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl goes live today. The vision of fileee is and remains: Do away with paperwork! But this time we're going one step further and saying: "No paperwork at connected companies - and for both sides!".

Together with our colleagues from ThinkOwl, we have created a customer-centric and smart solution for simple customer communication. This way, companies of all sizes can easily design their customer and employee processes digitally and "without paperwork". As a fileee user, you save yourself the trouble of logging into countless customer portals and communicate digitally with all the companies that are relevant to you.

Why fileee Conversations?

"Digitalisation is drastically changing the demands on corporate communication."

As immediately as possible and everywhere, easy to use, with transparent processes and no extra registration effort - that is what customers expect from companies. The reality is often still different. Many important processes are still handled by post. Digital customer communication is usually riddled with many media breaks or is not even possible due to high security requirements.

"Digital solutions are rarely thought of from the customer's point of view".

However, if a customer portal/customer app has been implemented, this alone is no guarantee for successful digital communication. Many customers do not even register or quickly forget their password. Another example is PDF forms, which many companies see as "digitalisation". For us as customers, however, forms mean: download, print, fill out, scan and send again. Once they arrive at the company, they have to be manually transferred into the system.

You can do better than that!

With fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl, we are revolutionising customer and corporate communication. ThinkOwl is an artificial intelligence-based service desk for customer support. The fileee app offers users a digital assistant to manage their private paperwork.Combined, the product fileee Conversationspowered by ThinkOwl is created. With fileee Conversations, companies create digital communication processes and make them available to their customers via a central platform. This puts the customer at the centre of every interaction and simplifies and digitalises communication between customers, employees and companies.

Communication with ThinkOwl and fileee Conversations

How does fileee Conversations work?

fileee Conversations simplifies communication between customers, employees and companies. Companies can create individual conversations with their customers and employees. With associated applications and a modular system, existing paper-based and time-consuming processes can be digitised in minutes. This allows companies to configure their conversations individually. These can contain many functions, including digital document sending and receiving, mobile-optimised forms with signatures or even an integrated chat. Employees can then send the conversations to customers via ThinkOwl. In the fileee app, customers then receive exactly these conversations via our solution. The fileee app thus becomes a platform solution for corporate communication for the customer and replaces the countless customer portals.

Functions in fileee Conversations

Who is helped by fileee Conversations?

Even for fileee Premium and Professional users, many of whom already use fileee for business, fileee Conversations provides the solution for the digital transformation of communication processes. Starting at just €19 per month, our solution makes communicating with customers or even with employees child's play. This makes the solution suitable not only for large companies, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed people. Learn more about the possibilities that fileee Conversations has to offer and test the solution now for 30 days free of charge!

But all those who have been using fileee privately so far can also look forward to the fact that in the future you will be able to communicate directly with more and more partner companies via fileee. Whether it's an exchange with insurance companies, a construction loan with the bank, a meter reading with the energy provider or even a simple change of address that you want to communicate to several companies at once - in the future you will be able to communicate via fileee with all the companies that are relevant to you. Click here for an overview of the companies that are already accessible to our users via the fileee app. We are happy to finally be able to share our vision with you.

Would you like to learn more about how you can use fileee Conversations for your company or do you have any suggestions about which companies we should contact? Visit our website or write to us at

Steffen Eusterholz

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