fileee Annual Review 2021

Dec 30, 2021

Yes, the year is over again. This year we all still believed that Corona would soon be over. It wasn't. We also preferred to stay in our home office and managed our work almost completely digitally. We are grateful that we were able to do this so easily. Instead of focusing on big events, we concentrated on fileee functionalities and gave our app a facelift.

We would like to look back on the year 2021 together with you:

In spring we launched fileeeDIY, since summer you can really get started with fileee Teams in the business tariffs and in autumn we brought back OneDrive as a connected service. In 2021, fileee will have a total of around 200,000 users, with around 50,000 new users. This year we have implemented 20 new features and almost 2 million documents have been uploaded to fileee. We've never had that many before!


We are working at full speed on new features

In January, we jumped straight into work and planned, developed and implemented the new business tariffs and fileee Teams. At the end of January, we were able to go into pre-sale and you could already prepare for the test phase of fileee Teams.

Here you can see our work on fileee teams in fast forward:


Out of Stock

At the beginning of the year, you snatched the fileeeBoxes and fileeeBox sets out of our hands so quickly that we couldn't keep up. The demand was still high. Since we couldn't produce more fileeeBoxes so quickly, we were looking for a solution in February so that you could still store your original documents.

In addition, the test phase of fileee Teams has now begun. Since then, some of you have been able to extensively test all the functions of fileee Teams and the new business tariffs.


Launch of fileeeDIY

fileeeDIY was developed as an interim solution for the missing fileeeBoxes. It took only 4 weeks from the first idea to the launch of the finished solution. Unlike the fileeeBox and the fileeeBox set, with fileeeDIY you can build your own fileeeBox or even a smart folder. fileeeDIY can even be combined with the scan attachment from the set. You liked it so much that fileeeDIY is now a permanent part of our product range.

In March, we were also able to convince at Symbioticon with Team Owlsome and the optimisation of digital funding applications from KfW. In the end, we took second place and received the API special prize.

In addition, we were able to present our website and the web app in a new design this month, which makes it even easier for you to work with fileee. You can read more about this here in the article.


Better document recognition and improved scanning

The camera for scanning documents is a core feature of fileee. It was therefore particularly important to us to be able to offer you the best functionality and optimal results here. We have therefore reworked the scan function from the ground up. Our CPO and Co-Founder, Eike, has explained in the blog article what we paid special attention to during the revision and which new functions we have integrated.


fileeeBoxes are back in stock

You waited a long time and were really patient with us. In May, the long-awaited freight finally arrived and we have never shipped orders so quickly. Thank you for your trust!

In May, we also continued to prepare for the launch of fileee Teams in June. With all your feedback from the test phase, we were able to launch an even better product.


fileee 4 Business

fileee Teams and the new business tariffs are now available for everyone. With a long preparation phase, we have been looking forward to this date for half a year and are more than proud that we have also been able to expand our product range in the business sector. Of course, we also celebrated the launch date internally with a digital team event.

More information about fileee teams can also be found here.

We can already give a small preview here. Through fileee Teams, we have laid the foundation for fileee Family. The Family tariff will follow a similar logic.


Since July, we have also been offering personal onboarding sessions on our business pages. In a web session, we go through fileee with you, show you how you can optimally use fileee for your company and your use cases and answer all your questions.

In July, we also enter the hot phase for the development of further new features.


In August, we renewed the sharing of documents in fileee and made it easier. There is now a button to share documents: via the share icon, you can directly select whether documents are shared with a space, via a link or with a contact.

We have also set up a help centre for you, where you can get instructions and descriptions of the fileee app and individual features and also contact our support.


In September, we upgraded the most important view in fileee: The document view . By moving the toolbar to the side, we created new possibilities. The function icons Share, Analysis Improvement, fileeeBox and Tasks remained and were supplemented by the functions to move the document back to the dashboard or to archive it, to change the expiry date or to delete the document. These functions have now been made directly selectable.


In October, we were able to successfully bring back a connected service with OneDrive , which was very often requested by you. OneDrive and fileee: Select folders and import documents automatically.

This month we have also taken care of more features for editing pages in fileee. Besides sorting, rotating and extracting, a zoom function has been added.


After a long period of tinkering, we were able to present the new fileeeBox set in the improved version 2.1 in November. We gave the fileeeBox set a new connector, new magnets and improved material and went straight into pre-sale at the beginning of November.

In November we also adapted our fileee product pages and gave them a new look. There are now also detail pages that give a better overview of our products through descriptions and detailed pictures.


In December, our team works diligently on one of the central points in fileee: the contact list. We are not only working on new designs for the fileee app in iOS and Android. Our development team is also working on the implementation of a feature that has been repeatedly requested by many users and was at the top of the list. In the future, it will be possible to merge contacts in the contact list and make it even clearer.

Of course, in December we also brought the year to a fitting close in the fileee team and toasted together with a glass of mulled wine at our digital Christmas party, albeit only from the home office.


As always, 2022 will bring many innovations. From the beginning of the year, work will continue on making the app even more user-friendly and clear for you. In addition, thanks to Multiedit , it will soon be possible to edit several documents at the same time, for example to adjust metadata or tags.

For our business users, the mapping of company processes in fileee will become even easier in the course of the first half of the year, thanks to a direct DATEV connection as well as revision security for all documents.

But we also have our private users in mind. You are already asking for it a lot. In 2022, the fileee Family tariff will finally be available, with which you can collaborate with family members and edit and manage documents together, similar to fileee Teams.

Sign important documents in fileee and then forward them, or transfer imported invoices directly from fileee? No problem, because with fileeeSign and fileeePay this will be possible in the future to make your work with your paperwork even easier and to process work steps even faster and simpler.

Join us in looking forward to an exciting 2022 and many new developments. Of course, we will always keep you up to date on all developments in our magazine and on our social media channels.

Jasmin Sudermann-Schaad

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